Individual Grave sites located in Foard County, Texas

(1) - Delaphene Roden: Born-Feb. 5, 1929 - Died- June 10, 1929. Located 4.5 miles north of Crowell, east of highway 6.

     GPS location - 34 02.907N, 99 43.466W. 


(2) - Violet Crosnoe: Born- April 7, 1947 - Died- Dec. 18, 1995. She was buried on the farm just South of the Pease River

       on county road 440. GPS location - 34 05 07.79N, 99 44 35.84W (no marker) She was the daughter of E. H. and

       Gladys Crosnoe.



(3) - Baby of Nettie Black:  This grave site is located on a ranch out in the Good Creek area, along the North Wichita River.

        The GPS location is 33 52.936N, 99 58.247W. There is no marker, however there is a fence around the grave site.

        The grave is on private property, and there is no public access. I was allowed to walk to it and get the location, and take


       The Black family lived there in the early 1900s. The baby was born June 17, 1922 and died shortly after birth, and was

       buried just a short distance from the barn. There was also a twin sister that lived, her name is LeeVanna E. Black Hodge.

       This is very near the location where in 1911, Elzy Black was standing on his porch watching an ant bed being splashed

       by rain running off the roof. He noticed a "shiny stone" in the ant bed. He took the stone to Gains Jewelry store in Crowell

       where it was confirmed to be a diamond.

       The University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology reports that it is the only "well authenticated diamond found in the

       state of Texas."







Lucille (Box) Carter 

Born Jan. 6, 1922

Died April 23, 2016

She is buried in the front yard of the Carter house, at the farm just 1/2 mile

Northwest of Crowell on County Road 414.  GPS location, 33 59 48.09N, 99 43 49.53W